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IMPACT Summer Camp

K-5th Grade

8 Week Summer Youth Exercise Program
June 7th – July 28th
2 Days/Week – Tuesday & Thursday

*Devotional time – Bible Basics

$100 for 8 weeks ($50 per month) 1st child
$80 for 8 weeks ($40 per month) 2nd child
Free 3rd child
$7 per class – Drop in



FAST+ Athletes Camp

MS-HS Students

8 Week Summer Athletes Program
June 6th – July 29th
3 Days/Week – Monday/Wednesday/Friday



Plus+ Strength/Core/Plyometrics

Mondays & Fridays - SAQ Drills
Wednesdays - Strength/Plyometrics/Core

SAQ drills and workouts to help athletes get faster, move efficiently and be more explosive in their sports. PLUS, a day of strength, ploymetrics and core exercises to help athletes become stronger!

Certified Personal Trainer - MIAH HAINES

is passionate about working with athletes and helping them to better themselves, improve their speed/sports skills, and build confidence to help them excel in sports and in their daily lives. 

If you are looking to get your Middle School or High School athlete conditioned, stronger and faster, then this camp is for YOU!!!


$130 for 8 weeks ($65 per month) 1st child
$100 for 8 weeks ($50 per month) 2nd child
$7 per class – Drop in


The WINNERS of our 14 Day “Drop 10 With a Friend” Challenge are…Kayla Lonnon and Emily Pelican. Together, they lost a total of 20.8 lbs with a total percentage of weight loss of 13.69%. They lost a combined total of 19.25 inches and 4.65% body fat in 14 short days. Way to go!!! You both will receive a free month of classes at Inspire for February.

We saw incredible results once again with this challenge! All of the participants did an awesome job! We even had 5 participants who did the challenge from afar, living in different towns.

One woman Joyce Pakkebier who lives in another town but still participated in the challenge and did the video workouts, messaged me and shared how happy she was with her results in the 14 days. She said she feels better, has more energy, is sleeping better, doesn’t have migraines anymore, is never hungry and the healthy eating plan has become a habit now. She lost 8.1 lbs with a total percentage of weight loss of 5.95% and a total of 9 inches. She plans to continue the healthy eating plan to lose another 8 lbs and said that she’s really going to miss the daily devotionals!

I love testimonies like this and seeing people get results and become healthier in body, mind and spirit!

Congrats to all of the participants who did this challenge! Your results AMAZED me!!! One guy lost 15 lbs on his own! This really does need to be a “Drop 20 with a Friend” challenge instead of a “Drop 10 with a Friend”. It’s amazing what healthy eating, exercise, motivation and accountability will do for a person. Healthy feels so good!!!