Weight Loss Challenges

Our weight loss challenges are a great way to help you jumpstart your fitness! We give you all the tools that you need for weight loss SUCCESS! Try one of our 10, 14, or 21 day challenges and become better physically, mentally, spiritually & emotionally. 

We had 21 participants in our 21 day challenge! Everyone joined this challenge with different goals - some for spiritual growth, others for accountability, some to get back on track, lose weight, feel better, eat healthier as a family, develop new healthy habits, etc. They all did an incredible job! I believe it was our best challenge by far!!!

Now for the winners....
My husband Eric Cunningham (although he does not want to claim any credit) was our winner! He lost 10.8 lbs which was 5.38% total weight loss, 1.83% body fat, and 10 total inches. By cutting out soda, eating smaller portions, and choosing better options...he was able to lose the weight, even though he didn’t have the time to exercise more like he wanted to.

Erin Hernandez was our female winner. She lost 9 lbs with a total % of weight loss of 5.17%, 2.82% body fat, and 9.25 total inches. Erin also just made healthy changes to her meal plan (without starving herself) that she could continue after the 21 days. Great job, Erin!!

Ashley Slaubaugh came in 2nd place. She lost 8 lbs with a total % of weight loss of 4.19%. She lost 2.2% body fat and 7 total inches. Way to go, Ashley!!

Our group winners were Ken Brooks & Kathie Branch. Together, they lost a total of 10.4 lbs with a total % of weight loss of 6.2%. They lost 5.56% body fat and 11.25 total inches. Awesome job! 



In 2013, I went through an incredibly hard year. My marriage fell apart, my father passed away, I almost lost my home. The Lord saw me through these challenges, but they took a toll on me physically. In 2014, thinking I was past the worst, I found myself battling depression. I found everyday to be somewhat of a drudgery. Because of this I started gaining weight and ended up weighing my heaviest at 200 lbs.


Amber, who I barely knew at the time, asked me to start coming to Inspire's noon classes. I figured that it would be something I'd do for a little bit and then be able to stop when I felt I had done enough. Then I started going on Saturdays. I was getting healthier. So I started going 4-5 days a week. I was getting even healthier. Funny thing is I have yet to find the point where I had done enough.


When I started I was taking cholesterol medicine & a high dose blood pressure medicine, my heart rate was high, and my blood pressure was still not under control even with medicine.


Over the last a little over 3 years, through exercise I was able to get my blood pressure under control and I'm now on a low dose medicine. Amber and Melisha have taught some healthy eating habits and eventually, I was taken off cholesterol medicine. But I got down to around 180 pounds and couldn't seem to get much lower than that.


So I did a nutrition consult with Amber in July. She helped me set up a plan of healthy eating that I've been able to maintain. I had a doctor appointment in April where I had weighed 183 lbs. I had my annual physical yesterday and I was down 12 pounds from that appointment in April. Plus my heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels were all the best they've been in years. I can honestly say that I'm in the best shape of my life. At my physical, my doctor asked about all the steps I've taken, so it could help with his health.


This should be enough for me to keep coming, but the truth is that if it weren't for the friendships that I've made and the devotional time, I would have given up 3 years ago. The time discussing life and God's answers with good friends is what truly keeps bringing me back. Woo-Hoo! - Ken Brooks

IGNITE MS/HS Conditioning Program

IGNITE is a program designed specifically for middle school and high school students.  This 8 week program will include strength training, agility/speed work, power/plyometrics, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and core training.  Our instructors will help these youth get their minds right every day and IGNITE a spark in their spirits.  They will encourage them to be 1% better every day!

Watch for details to come for our upcoming program!


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